Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Looking on the bright side; The first day of Spring!

It's amazing what a bit of sunshine can do!
Having arrived back in Ireland for my 2 week Easter break, I was super excited to wake up to the sun and a bit of warmth ( its only 13 degrees, but for Ireland, that's hot!)
Although the first official day of Spring was the 20th of March, due to the first real break of sunshine through the clouds, I'm considering today the start of Spring.
Spring for me is the last sprint of the marathon (except a lot more enjoyable). Being a student, this is a time for me to hand in my final assignments, and prepare and take my examinations before all my hard work for the year has (hopefully) paid off! Then at the end of it all, we get a break from all the stress to focus on more of the important things in life: ice-cream, holidays, topping up our tan and making the most of the sunshine!
My goals for this Easter break is to complete my essays (4,500 words, help me!), spend time with my family, see old school friends, start revising and try to make a conscious effort in being healthier and looking after myself!

So in celebration, here is my top 5 reasons as to why I love Spring!

1.Daffodils- With yellow being my favourite colour I find daffodils like beautiful little sun beams!
2. The birth of baby lambs-  So Cute. Need I say more?
3. The sun makes a reappearance- even though I love Winter, the feeling of the sun hitting your face again is amazing! It's incredible how much it instantly improves your mood, making it easier to get out of bed and be more productive!
4. The build up to Summer- As soon as you feel the sun again, one of your first thoughts is it's getting close to summer. And that means only one thing...holidays!
5. Fashion- After months of being wrapped up like a real life snowman in your hat, scarf and gloves, yet still managing to feel the cold, being able to wear a dress or skirt again (even if it is with tights) feels so good! And after all, Spring means only one thing, FLORAL PRINTS AND PINK LIPSTICKS ARE BACK!

What is your plans for your Easter break and the reasons why you love Spring?
Comment below!

Keep living and learning,

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