Monday, 6 April 2015

About Me

'Life is beautiful; scary, but beautiful.'

You learn a lot within your teenage years, and as I approach the big 2-1, I can honestly say I have. Right now I feel I could write a small novel on the lessons of life to tell my 14 year old self, the scary thought is, I've still got a long way to go, as life is a journey in which you never stop learning from.

I am a 20 year old from Ireland studying towards a Business degree at a University in the South of England. Having a love of beauty, fashion, hair, food and travelling, expect to see a lot of these within the blog. Occasionally I also want to get a bit deeper learning more about you and your experiences which have shaped you as a person. And in return, I will share with you mine, uncovering experiences with friend, boys, and touching upon some of life's more harsher lessons.

I want to use this as a network for young people, looking at the honest reality of these issues and how it affects us (good and bad), but also have fun on product reviews. Known for my strong opinions, I am not a blogger who fakes their love of a product through sponsored PR, I understand the financial struggles of young people (trust me I'm a student), so you can trust me that when I recommend anything, I honestly do like it!
I guess I want this blog to be a real life agony aunt, actually, more of an agony friend. A community were you can turn to with your success and troubles and talk about them in a fun, truthful, loving environment.
I'm really excited for this blog, I feel it can be very therapeutic for everyone, and mainly a lot of fun!

Keep living and learning,


  1. Hi! :) Just stopped by. I am looking forward to reading your future posts - sounds really good :)
    Good luck with everything! ;)

    Cylia -

    1. Firstly, thanks so much for being the first to comment on my blog :)
      Got my google+ set-up now, (I think, I'm very new to this), and definitely working on making it more fuller!
      I had a read through your blog and I love it, espically love the fact you love cake, chocolate cake is my weakness. I now follow you on Google +, cant wait to hear more from you! x

  2. By the way, maybe you can put a google + on your blog so that people can follow you :)

  3. Hey! Loved you posts, its great to get a feel for who you are and your style! Keep it up girl!!



  4. Thanks very much! Can't wait to hear more from you :)
    Those young Years,