Saturday, 1 August 2015

Long Distance Relationship- What I've learnt

It's the 1st of August and I'm so happy. 
Firstly because I have just got my first ever proper pay check  (shopping time!!), and secondly, I'm so proud and happy that there is one month less until I see my boyfriend again.

As I mentioned in my previous post, my boyfriend moved to Australia for 5 months to partake in a study abroad. Having experienced long distance with him before, I live in Ireland and he lives in London so every Summer, Christmas etc we are apart, I was semi prepared for what's to come. But this time, when he is halfway across the world and I know, no matter what, I can't see him until December has made things a lot different.

Whether you are about to experience it, currently experiencing it, or have in the past, the hardness of long distance relationships cannot be ignored. I want to share with you my own personal story of my LDR. My experiences, thoughts and advice, and I would love for you to share yours with me too.
I hope this brings you comfort in some way...

If you are and your partner are willing to go through a long distance relationship, it is clear you love each other. So in terms of breaking up, love is never a problem, however, growing apart is.
I can't stress enough how important communication is. It seems like an obvious one, and it is, but the power of it cannot be  underestimated.
In LDR's it's very likely your life is a lot different without your partner, whether it be because you have adjusted to life without them, or new experiences and opportunities have been thrown your way. Therefore, it is so important to ensure you both communicate so you are still part of each other's lives and you don't grow apart. Whether it be messaging or sending photos on Whatsapp, writing letter or emails, or Skyping, it is so important to always make time for one another.

Whether you live together or thousands of miles apart fights  are inevitable. There will be hard days, but it's about working through the fights and not giving up because you know when you see them again in the future it will all be worth it. It's emotionally frustrating you can't be together, you ask 'Why me?', and this frustration can cause a lot of fights. To put it simply, sometimes when we are fighting with our loved one, in a LDR we feel the closest to them because fights show you care about each other. But this isn't a healthy way to deal with things. Although fighting to a degree is normal, petty fights are not. Instead, turn your emotional frustration to a simple message saying 'I miss you' or a quick Skype session just to hear their voice again.

It's also still so very important to celebrate the milestones and be proud of what you are trying! I know a lot of couples who break up when they move to another city 1 hour down the road. I'm not saying the relationship will work out, but I think the fact you are trying a LDR is amazing! The love you both must have for each other really shows so never stop celebrating this.

I'm not sure how many of these posts I will do, let me know if you would like more on my journey. Also I think it is important to note that I am 100% not saying follow these tips to a perfect LDR. Every experience is different, and this is mine. I really want mine to work, but in reality, it may not, so talking to you guys about this is a big deal. Whether my LDR works or not, I am so proud at 20 years old I have met someone who is willing to wait for me and me them.

Let me know if you enjoyed this post or have any thoughts, comment, tweet, DM or share this post.
And to all you who are in a LDR right now, be proud because what you are doing is amazing.

Much love,
Those Young Years x