Friday, 5 June 2015

Girlfriend on her period? The do's and don'ts

Well, it's that dreaded time of month again. It's something we can't avoid (and don't want to unless we want a baby), but oh my goodness, do we hate it.
There is the age long debate between males and females, what more painful, giving birth or being kicked in the male private parts? Well let us girls tell you, try going through the pain, both physically and emotionally, of mother nature every single month until you give birth! Not cool!
It's sore and it plays with our hormones making our emotions about as up and down as a rollercoaster! But we can't help it, we don't want to be tired 24/7 with sore tummy's and on the brink of crying approximately 70% of the time, so please be patient and understanding that this is a horrible week for us!
But fear not, partners (and even friends and family) to the PMSing girl, I have a bundle of advice which will save you from the crazy monster of a girlfriend. Follow my top 5 do's and don'ts of when your girl is on her period, and I can guarantee it will make your life a hell of alot easier ( and win you lots of brownie points!!)

1. Don't ask us too many questions on the period situation
We don't mind talking about it a little, but don't ask us any gory details, like 'how much blood is there?, Does the blood look different to normal blood?'. Quite frankly, having a period is painful, so asking us a million and one questions on the gruesome truth, will remind us of it, and the only way to get the pain out of our heads is to not think about it.
However, if you do want to ask us how we are feeling, if we need any medication or a cuddle, we will love that!!

2. Don't tease us!
It is a well known fact that the time of month does mess with our hormones making us extra sensitive making the possibility of a laugh turning into a cry extremely possible.
When you are bleeding from that area 24/7 for a whole week (sorry it's the truth), we feel disgusting about ourselves and extra bloated. Our self confidence has taken a hit, we don't feel as pretty as we should and we just want to crawl into our beds and not leave until the week is over. So try not to tease us, as there is a 99% chance we may take one of your comments to heart and get upset (or bite your head off), so beware!
To avoid this, it will mean the world to your girl to not approach any sensitive topics and try to give her a few simple complements like 'You look nice today!'

3. Don't deny us the right to stuff our faces
I don't know why, but periods make us just want to eat, eat and then eat some more. And when I'm talking about eating, I don't mean fruit or vegetables, I'm talking ice-cream, pizza and anything we shouldn't be eating.
So unless you want the look of death, don't even bother saying things like 'I thought you were on a diet', or 'Do you really need more ice-cream?'.  Like seriously, this is the worst mistake you could make. Instead, cuddle up on the sofa with us, order in pizza and dessert for afters and have a night full of movies, blankets, cuddles and not giving a s*** about that summer diet we were meant to be on!

4. Do come prepared
As I said above periods are painful, and in that week, we just want to lie in bed all day cradling our stomach. So nothing will make us happier if you bring a pack of painkillers and a big hot water bottle to us. Then as the drugs set in, a tummy rub while we watch TV will go down a treat and we'll be smiling again in no time.

5. Don't ask us if we are done bleeding yet
Really? You want to go there?

Trust us, this is more of a pain and inconvenience for us than it is you, so shut up. Secondly, you can't just turn it off, we definitely didn't decide so let this month's run on a few extra days. But since you aren't keen we'll get the magical fairy of mother nature to stop it for us, since its bothering you so much.

And there it is, my top tips for avoiding the crazy b***h of a girlfriend while she is on her period. Girl's make sure your boyfriends or girlfriends read this, so share, share and share again!

Comment below if you have any more top tips to help everyone, especially those boys who don't understand!!
Those Young Years,


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